Chastity Counselling

Need advice on chastity? Starting out and have lots of questions? No problem, take advantage of my years of knowledge in this area and request an interview by filling out the form here and indicating the topic of conversation✍🏻 I look forward to your questions😊

The next step is to buy coffee, we won’t be sitting on dry land while having such a nice conversation😊 (In other words, the counselling is paid) Continue by clicking on the orange button☕️

☕️ coffee = 5 € and enough for 30 minutes of discussion💥
☕️☕️ coffees = 10 € and enough for 1 hour of discussion💥
☕️☕️☕️ coffees = 15 € and enough for 2 hours of discussion💥
☕️☕️☕️☕️ coffees = 20 € and enough for 3 hours of discussion💥

After clicking on “Support Me on Ko-fi” in the next step you can choose the payment method PayPal, Credit or Debit Card, Apple Pay – Google Pay💰

If you have coffee purchased contact me via chat here👏 Or you can use the floating buttons on the sides of the site, they have the same function😊

Thank you for choosing to use my services💕 I am available every day from Monday to Friday from 7,00 am – 7,30 pm and on weekends and holidays 8,00 am – 7,30 pm (SELČ)

Please note that if there is no successful payment💰
I will not respond to your inquiry😳 Thanks💕

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